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Betsy Johlitz: Latest B.O.B Award Winner


At times, it can feel impossible to continue on with our daily lives when facing a tragedy, but those who do find ways to move forward are incredibly brave. One of our longest-standing employees did just that as she dealt with unimaginable pain, and for this resilience and much more, Betsy Johlitz is the latest recipient on the B.O.B Employee Excellence Award!
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Chesapeake Truck Shows Its Patriotism


Larry Sinnott, service manager at Chesapeake Truck, knew that his store was missing something important. He reached out to Norris Auto Group CEO Andy Franklin for permission to install a flagpole at the dealership, and Andy immediately agreed.

“We always wanted a flagpole, and it just seemed like something that was needed,” said Larry. “I got goosebumps when we raised it.”

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The NSX Arrives at Norris Acura


A piece of supercar heaven has arrived at Norris Acura: the completely redesigned and re-engineered 2017 NSX. Our dealership is NSX Authorized to sell and service the pinnacle of Acura precision performance. Select members of our sales and service teams have completed OEM trainings that allow us to be an exclusive retailer and servicer of the supercar.
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NAG Accounting Team Supports Great Cause


According to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, someone in the United State is diagnosed with blood cancer every three minutes, and approximately every nine minutes, blood cancer takes a life. Our accounting team took a stand yesterday to help beat those odds by participating in WNST and There Goes My Hero’s charity event for a night of celebrating champions and survivors of this life-threatening illness. 

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Chesapeake Ford Truck Wins Top Parts Award


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Today was a day of celebration for our team at Chesapeake Ford Truck: they held their grand opening event with great success, and their parts department was awarded as one of the top twenty parts dealers in the region! Pictured above is parts manager Alan Wilkes receiving this prestigious honor by the Ford Blue Diamond representative, with Alan’s team proudly standing behind him. 

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The Latest BOB Award Recipient: Fran Cullen


Our company’s culture has always been to take care of our own, so when a long-standing Ford employee went through one of life’s most difficult journeys, we wanted to express our gratitude to his dedication by awarding him the latest BOB Employee Excellence Award. 

Fran Cullen’s wife was diagnosed last year with stage four lung cancer, and the first several months of treatments and procedures were unimaginably difficult. Even through the toughest…
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Two Outstanding Employees Win BOB Award


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A few weeks ago, Maryland was hit with a historic snow storm that closed schools and businesses across the state for several days, including our own dealerships. If it weren’t for our incredible team, especially John Waszelewski and Bill Lawrence, our Dundalk stores would have been closed for much longer. Both gentlemen went above and beyond their call of duty to get everything cleared by Sunday, which is why they are the latest recipients of the Best of the Best (BOB) Employee Excellence Award.  

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Norris Completes Acquisition of Leading Parts Supplier Papa Auto Parts


Norris Automotive Group, the leading supplier of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) auto parts in the Baltimore/D.C. area, has acquired Papa Auto Parts, one of Maryland’s oldest and most trusted suppliers of aftermarket parts. Established in 1934, PAPA Auto Parts specializes in sales of aftermarket parts with nine locations in Maryland and annual sales over $10 million.
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2016 Honda Civic: Coming Soon to Baltimore area Norris Honda


Throughout the years, the Civic has been designed to evolve with the needs of drivers, and this latest model is no exception. For a more connective driving experience, the car was given a wider and lower stance, shorter overhang, lengthened wheelbase and overall aggressive styling. With these updates, comfort and drivability were not lost on the car’s designers. 
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Thank You, Bob Leedy: an Outstanding Citizen

Bob Leedy, a parts salesman with Norris Auto Group for the past several years, found himself in a situation that many people fear: he unwittingly came upon the scene of a crime. His actions and bravery that followed were noticed on Facebook by Norris CEO Andy Franklin, who asked that we share this story to commend Bob. 
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